UHDS Changes Dining Hall Operation Hours

Dining Hall operating hours will be changing next year, as for reasons why, numbers never lie. UHDS statistics have shown that of the 1,500 students housed in North Quad, only about 17% utilize their dining center for breakfast and lunch.

Other cost saving options were explored by student & faculty committees in an effort to meet budgetary restraints including the idea of closing all but one central campus C-Store.

University Housing and Dining Services said in an official statement from Assistant Director of Budgeting, Ketra Russell explains, “Even with some of our expense reductions, the UHDS overall budget has been negatively trending in to a further deficit from year to year.” She went on to say, “expenses such as the cost of food, salaries, and utilities have and will continue increase every year.”

Russell also said in her statement she, “doesn’t foresee any dramatic increases or decreases to their food costs.”

Last week NEWS3 released information regarding dining hall changes including the closure of the Bayliss and Henninger cafeteria for breakfast and lunchtime meals.  Thompson dining center will serve more meals on weekends to account for the North Quad closures.  Corbin/Olsen will also be reducing their dinner availability hours.

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