Latest in film, streaming includes new John Wick release in theaters


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — The newest installment in the John Wick franchise strikes gold as “Super Mario Bros.” looks to take a box office lead.

“John Wick Chapter Four” hit theaters this past weekend. Making over 70 million dollars on opening weekend, it has had the highest debut out of all of the John Wick films. Currently at 224 million dollars worldwide, John Wick will look to stay high up on the box office leaderboard heading into the weekend.

The “Super Mario bros.” movie will look to take over the box office this weekend. Starring Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Black as Bowser, the film is looking to bring out all of the Mario fanatics. The film was divisive among fans when the first trailer hit the internet, but nonetheless “Super Mario Bros.” will look to make a pretty penny in the second weekend of April.

Actor Jonathan Majors has been arrested in New York on charges of assault and harassment to his girlfriend who had sustained head and neck injuries. Majors was just featured in top films “Creed Three” and “Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” as well as United States Army advertisements that have been pulled from air. Marvel has been in serious talks about what their next steps will be following the news of Majors.  

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