WIU releases updates on Black Student Association demands


MACOMB, Illinois (NEW3) – The Black Student Association at Western Illinois University has released an update to their demands that were originally submitted to WIU in 2021. 

The update included 11 demands, with updates on the African American Studies program, resident assistant and hall staff training, and faculty and staff searches.

While all 11 demands were included in the response report from WIU, three demands did not include a new update. One demand that had no update was the request that every student be required to take an African American Studies course.

The last two demands with no new updates were a policy update request that the Code of Conduct include an end to hate speech, and that WIU only support businesses in Macomb that support black people and the black lives matter movement. 

Carl Irvine, the interim director of the Office Of Justice, Inclusion, Diversity, And Equity, said that while no new updates were given on the latter three demands WIU is still working to meet each and there is still more to be accomplished.

This updated list of BSA Demands can be found on WIU’s homepage under the tab JIDE. The BSA meets every Monday at 4 p.m. in the University Union at WIU.

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