WIU students discuss code switching

By SAM OGALI, NEWS3 Guest Reporter

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — Western Illinois University black student organizations The Good Girls Movement and Black Male Achievement Network (BMAN) held an event where students from both organizations could paint portraits and socialize with one another.

During this event, some students discussed “code switching” and their experience with often changing their pattern of speech. Code switching can often be associated with African-American Vernacular English, or slang; where certain words or phrases are often expressed colloquially compared to a formal pattern of English. 

Derek Johnson, who’s the President of BMAN, said that code-switching for him was feeling a sense to adapt depending on the environment. 

While some students agreed and disagreed with the importance of having to code-switch in certain situations, it’s a topic that most of these students found very much relatable.

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