Office of Student Engagement has calendar of campus events


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — For something entertaining to do at Western Illinois University, students can check out the Office of Student Engagement. 

The department hosts events throughout the academic year.  The mission of the Office of Student Engagement is to provide students with practical, educational and leadership opportunities that complement the academic experience and foster a sense of belonging.  The OSE is located on the first floor of the University Union.  Co-programming Director Alexandra Leezer said the office focuses on engagement.

“The Office of Student Engagement is student engagement, that is our main goal,” Leezer said. “We want students to know that this is the office to come and do that, we would love to see that and talk to you.”

All the events that the OSE hosts are all on Leatherneck Link.  An event that has received good feedback is the Rocky After Dark event that is held during Welcome Week.  Staff members recommend this event as a way to start off the academic school year by meeting new people.  It is a big event that is held on Hanson Field. There are games, food, button making stations, snow cones and bouncy houses.  

Leezer said the turnout this year for Rocky After Dark was a huge success, and students enjoy being able to do something exciting before classes start.  First-year students benefit from getting the opportunity to meet other students before the first week of classes.  They get to play games and roam around the field well making connections.  

The office also hosts a large event involving the Macomb community, along with alumni and students, which is homecoming each fall. Leezer believes homecoming is the biggest and best way to get students to really feel Western but also include the community and alumni. This event happens in the fall and is a week-long event that ends with a parade the Saturday of the homecoming game. This event brings together the Macomb community, the Western community and the alumni community.  

Homecoming includes events like Rocky dog hunt, Variety Show and Yell Like Hell.  Students can participate in these events.  Any questions students have on these events can be answered with the OSE. If a student wants to participate, contact the OSE and they will be able to assist you in getting involved.  

If students want to inquire about any events or an event that students would like to bring to campus speak with the OSE and they would love to hear your feedback. For more information you can visit their website at

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