WIU students weigh in on Netflix sharing changes

By Jordan Simms, NEWS3 Reporter

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3)- Some changes are coming to Netflix’s sharing policy in 2023. In some countries, customers are now paying $2.99 per month to add homes to their accounts.

This policy will now only allow one home per account, and additional homes will need to pay extra to use the same account. While outside of your physical home you still can use your Netflix account on devices like tablets, laptops, or phones. 

WIU Sophmore Somayyah believes that the changes are ridiculous. 

“I watch Netflix on my phone, my laptop, and sometimes my switch. I have Netflix on all of my devices and my mom already pays for me and my siblings so to have to pay $2.99 a device and I literally live three to four hours away from here is ridiculous,” Somayyah said. 

Currently, Netflix customers are paying $9.99 a month for basic, $15.49 a month for standard, and $19.99 a month for premium. Netflix is also rolling out a new price on basic with ads this month and the plan is $6.99 a month.

WIU student Josh shares the same views as Somayyah about the new Netflix policy. 

“I mean I don’t like it. It’s obviously just another money grab since they know everyone’s sharing accounts and they are trying to get more money out of it,” Josh said. 

WIU students are clearly on the opposing side of this new sharing policy. Netflix has not released a specific date or price for this new password-sharing policy. 

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