Macomb gym named best place to workout in town


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — Best Gym in Macomb was awarded to Mactown fitness, a CrossFit style gym located in Macomb Illinois.

Mactown offers memberships that include classes taught by licensed trainers.  Personal training and consultation sessions are also available to focus on specific needs.  Mactown trainer and coach Hanna Skitson said the gym has a lot of options on the activities members can participate in.

“We have CrossFit style classes that are all group based,” Skitson said. “We have a baseball and golf simulator in the building next door, we also have a sauna. So we have a lot of different options.”

The gym offers four different classes a day at a flat rate. This allows members to go to any fitness classes that are held at Mactown. There are two classes in the morning and two in the evening for members. The gym also offers deals for Western Illinois University students.

“If you are a student it is $65 so that is kind of nice for a lot of college students, if they want to come join. But the regular rate is $85 and both of those rates are unlimited classes so you can go to any class,” Skitson said.

The gym markets itself to be an inclusive and community based environment.  Trainers believe that the environment goes deeper than just being a gym.

“It is very much family oriented, we all kind of act as a family. We hang out outside of the gym. We go out to dinner, we hangout, we keep up with each other’s lives and we cheer each other on during the workout. It is a fun competitive environment, but it is still all of us working together to finish the workout. There are a lot of different options here,” Skitson said.

Mactown trainers provide rehabilitation programs for injured members.  Also, programs can be adapted based on members skill level.

 “You can modify the workouts, so even if you are a kid you can workout here, if you’re an older adult you can workout here, any of the crossfit workouts we have can be modified.  We work on strength and endurance, so it is really across the board for functional fitness,” Skitson said.

Anyone wanting to inquire about information on the gym you can visit

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