STORMTEAM 3 | Tornado, severe weather hit West-Central Illinois

By KONRAD SUPINSKI, Weather Anchor

Heavy rain and high winds hit Bushnell

BUSHNELL, Illinois (NEWS3) – Severe weather in Bushnell today with a Severe Thunderstorm Warning that produced very heavy rain, damaging winds at 40-50 mph with gusts around 60-70mph, and hail. According to Police, minor damage occurred to trees, homes, and power lines. No severe damage was reported as well as no fatalities in the area.

Hail, high winds force power outages in Canton 

CANTON, Illinois (NEWS3) – Severe thunderstorms hit Canton, Illinois today with damaging winds, heavy downpours, and hail. Winds caused minor damage with broken branches and power outages in the area.

Severe storms causes minor damages

FAIRVIEW, Illinois (NEWS3) – Tornado Warning was issued for Fairview and Canton, Illinois. This storm produced torrential downpours, heavy winds, hail, and tornadoes in the area. Police say, minor damage has occurred to trees with broken branches, and debris being thrown on streets. Some power outages have been reported in the area.

Tornado spotted in Fairview

FAIRVIEW, Illinois (NEWS3) – A tornado has been spotted 2 miles west of Fairview, Illinois by News 3 Team Konrad Supinski. Police report that power outages have occurred with many power lines down, trees broken, minor flooding, and minor damage to homes. No reports of any fatalities in the area.

Mapleton, Eureka experience severe weather

MAPLETON and Eureka, Illinois experienced severe weather today, Nov. 10, with damaging winds, heavy rain and hail. Police say no major damage was reported.

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