Dog guards home for weeks after surviving Camp Fire

PARADISE, California (NEWS3) – Madison, a dog that survived California’s historic Camp Fire, guarded the ruins of his home for weeks until his owner was able to return.

Angela Gaylord was able to check on her property this week and found Madison waiting.

When Gaylord fled the town of 27,000 during the fire, she asked rescuer Shayla Sullivan to check on Madison.

“I had sighted Madison a few times deep in the Canyon BUT knew he took his job seriously and wasn’t going to be an easy catch,” Sullivan said on Facebook of Madison, who kept his distance.

Sullivan, who also located Madison’s brother Miguel at a shelter 85 miles away, left out food and water for Madison until Gaylord was able to return. The two dogs were reunited this week.

The Camp Fire was California’s deadliest wildfire and the United States’ sixth-deadliest wildfire burning nearly 240 square miles and killing 88.

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