Putin’s War Crimes

By Jaycie Doer, WC Opinions Editor

War crimes are defined as purposefully targeting civilian areas and when looking at President Vladimir Putin’s targets in Ukraine, his guilt is clear.

Proof is evident in the targets Putin is choosing. A drama theater filled with children with white flags flying on both the front and back of the building was struck by Russian missiles. A train station bombing that killed 57 and injured 109. UN human rights officials have reported nearly 50 hospitals, homes, and schools.

International officials, including President Biden, are calling for Putin to face trial at the International Criminal Court. While he is in power, though, Putin will never face trial. He and other Russian officials are safe as long as they remain in Russia.

Even if Putin is not giving direct orders on when and where to target, he needs to be held accountable for the actions of his generals. He knows what is happening, he started it. He has the power to end it. He has not, though, and that alone should make him guilty of mass murder.

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