Illinois Lawmakers To Wait In Line For Pay

Illinois lawmakers will not be getting paid on time until the state passes a budget. Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger said general assembly members and constitutional officers, herself included, will need to wait in line to receive compensation until a state budget is approved.

Leslie Geissler Munger, Illinois Comptroller
Leslie Geissler Munger, Illinois Comptroller

The state has been without an approved budget for nearly ten months. As a result, the office of the comptroller says the state is expected to dig more than $6 billion deeper in debt, worsening its fiscal condition and lengthening payment delays.

Munger said it isn’t fair that members of the general assembly are paid on time each month when others are forced to wait months for money they are owed.

“It is only appropriate that we all wait in line to receive payment,” Munger said.

She said she hopes her announcement will bring lawmakers together to pass a balanced budget and “it is well past time that we get it done.”

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