ROTC program at WIU trains students, offers scholarships

By LOGAN WHEELER, NEWS3 Guest Reporter

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) – ROTC is the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and is a college based officer training for the United States Armed Forces. Cadets are everyday college students that want to be in the military science program. Students that join the ROTC are trained on a variety of skills.

Joining ROTC does not mean joining the military but it could mean money towards tuition. Scholarships are available to cadets of all credit hour standings.

ROTC has training and instruction throughout the week to train college students to become future officers in the armed forces. PT or Physical Training is a fitness workout focused on strengthening the cadets physical strength and endurance. While the weekly labs help cadets learn military procedures and field training.

Cadets are the foundation of the ROTC program and are involved in most of the planning of the training and events, including the military ball and other community events.

The military ball is a cadet planned event that supports the Military Science Department and is a training event for cadets. The ball involves members of the community and is another way the ROTC program interacts with the Macomb community. for more information about the ROTC program go to

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