WIU student opens new clothing boutique in Macomb

By Kaylann Beekamn, Guest Reporter

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — Elysian boutique in Macomb offers trendy clothing for high school- and college-age women, especially Western Illinois University students.  

The owners, similar in age to the store’s clientele, believe their shop brings a completely different vibe to the boutiques in Macomb. The goal of Elysian is to provide youthful and affordable clothing according to the store owner Kaitlyn Griffin.

“Most stuff in Macomb is more of a Western Wear,” Griffin said. “We don’t really provide that here, we have more casual clothing and nightlife clothing. We provide stuff you can wear to the bars and class and just about anything.”

Elysian offers size extra small through extra large.  The small-town boutique is looking for ways to be able to keep expanding the business. Griffin has plans to continue growing the shop.

“We actually just opened a website, so now we can ship anywhere,”  Griffin said. “I would say our next step after that is expanding, maybe another bigger location. After that maybe offering more styles because right now we are kind of limited.”

The boutique is avid in social media posting.  Frequent shopper Graci Scharping got involved with shopping at the store through social media.

“I saw all of their posts on Instagram and being a local to Western, I knew some of the girls helping out and running it so, I was able to see all of their posts,”  Scharping said.

Customers have said the shop has the perfect variety of what many women in the area are looking for.  

“The quality is super good,” Scharping said. “Everything I have bought is lasting through washes and everything.  I can get stains out of them, and they are built to last.”

Elysian is open from 2 to 6 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and from 2 to 4:30 p.m. on Sundays.  As a young college student running a business has brought many challenges Kaitlyn’s way, and can often be difficult to juggle.

“It is definitely hectic because I am doing classes,”  Kaitlyn said.  “I have three other jobs and I am doing this, so I am really busy and that is why our hours are the way they are right now.  Really it is just managing everything, time and money, and keeping hours consistent.”

Co-owning this boutique has brought some challenges but along with that to Kaitlyn, there are a lot of rewarding aspects.  Being from Macomb, it is very special in her heart that she is able to bring this atmosphere of shopping to Macomb.

For more information on Elysian boutique, you can check out Instagram and Tik Tok at Elysian.Macomb or visit the website at elysianboutiquemac.myshopify.com, or visit the store at 123 Lafayette St.

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