Macomb Committee of the Whole Meeting 10/31

By: Anthony Jameson

Mayor Michael Inman led the meeting, Aldermen Mike Weyland, John Vigezzi, Don Wynn, Tom Cook, Ashley Katz, Tammy Edwards, and Dennis Moon were all present.

The biggest item on the agenda this week was a vote on the salaries and compensation for elected officials. The item as submitted was amended by Vigezzi to increase the salary of the city clerk to $50,000. He also allowed for 50% compensation on health care costs as well.  Aldermen and the Treasurer are paid $1,750 a year. This was met with opposition by Moon who believed that elected officials were already over compensated. Edwards sided with Moon, stating she would not like the city clerk making the same amount of money as the mayor. The vote was counted 4-3 in favor of passage.

The deal to continue providing trash and recycling services with Waste Management has been agreed to after a unanimous vote. There were two bids and Waste Management offered the lower price. The deal is for 5 years with a clause that allows the city of Macomb to alter the terms if the price becomes too high over time. City-wide clean-up will continue as normal, but the prices for the city are scheduled to rise sharply over the course of the contract.

A liquor license was issued to The Ice House today after a unanimous vote. The Ice House is located on Campbell Street right next to the McDonough County YMCA.  Another liquor license was also mentioned for a company called TEKILA.  It will be voted on at the next city council meeting.

In closing, Inman, Vigezzi, Katz, and Cook all wished the Macomb Bombers volleyball team luck at sectionals, while also praising the Bombers football team’s win. Inman then closed the meeting with unanimous consent.

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