Giant-Sized Comics are on display in the WIU gallery

By Austin Lagesse, NEWS3 Reporter

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3)- A texas artist’s solo exhibition is on display at the Western Illinois University art gallery. Christopher Troutman’s, ‘Giant- sized Comics’ is unique according to WIU art gallery director Tyler Hennings. 

“This work doesn’t look like anything we’ve shown here for a while, it really focuses on drawing, on really kind of gestural, visceral charcoal drawings, very large scale, so it’s really unique compared to things we’ve had here recently,” Hennings said.

Troutman described his large-scale work in his artist statement as using unexpected points of view and different perspectives that utilize everyday situations drawn with an American comic-book style to draw in the public.

Troutman is experienced. He has had solo exhibitions in the United States and Japan. His honors include being the first foreign resident of Kagoshima to receive the grand prize at the 52nd Kagoshima Prefectural Art Exhibition and receiving the grand prize at the 66th Miyaichi Comprehensive Art Exhibition.

The exhibition will be on display through Dec. 9, with a reception being held on Dec. 8. Admission to the exhibition is free. For more information about the WIU art gallery, go to

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