LATEST IN MOVIES: ‘Halloween Ends,’ ‘the Watcher’ and more


This week in movies, with halloween just around the corner, that means  there is a new halloween movie in theaters for you to check out.

Halloween ends has slayed the box office by opening with 41 million dollars worldwide on opening weekend, and will look to gain more over the halloween weekend. The finale of the more than four decade old  michael myers story has had divisive reviews among fans, even with the box office profits going up every week. Halloween ends will look to compete with the new dc superhero movie, black adam over the coming weeks in theaters. Can’t make it to the rialto cinema in macomb? Halloween ends is also available on the streaming service peacock.

For more spooky content on streaming platforms, the creators of the jeffrey dahmer series on netflix have a new sinister series for you to watch, called the watcher only streaming on netflix.

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