University Closes Corbin Olson Parking Lot, Updates to Come

Last week residents parked in lots adjacent to Corbin Olson woke up to pink slips on their cars saying the lot was now faculty only and they had to move. Last year we talked to Officer Derek Watts about the potholes in the smaller Corbin lot and when we were going to see updates.

“I know one of the worst ones on campus is Corbin Olson but on May 13 they are supposed to start working on the performance arts center so that’s just going to be torn up,” said Watts.

With the smaller C-lot now offline due to construction. Residents in Corbin Olson were told to either park in the lower C-lot or park in the Q-lot in front of Sherman Hall. Residents of Corbin Olson were also told they are allowed to park in the upper c lot that had been transformed into a faculty and staff lot. But only between the hours of 5 pm and 7 am Monday through Friday and anytime on weekends.

This is a developing story. Next week, news 3 will be talking to police Chief Derek Watts and project manager ted runner about what will change for parking in the C-lots.

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