Macomb Committee of the Whole Meeting

By Anthony Jameson

The Macomb Committee of the Whole met Monday, Sept. 12 to discuss upcoming items on the agenda for the next city council meeting. Those present were Dennis Moon, Mike Weyland, John Vigezzi, Don Wynn, Ashley Katz, and Tammy Leigh Brown-Edwards.

The council members discussed the ordinance to create a liquor license for Wildfire Bar & Grill. A new restaurant located on West Jackson next to the Dairy Queen. Brown-Edwards opened the discussion by asking about what indication of liquor is represented on their menus. The owners announced that they had no formal liquor menu, and the dining menus say, “To Be Announced.”  The liquor license is being voted on next Monday at the city council meeting.

Another topic on the agenda included the rezoning of South Ward Street from Residential Mobile Home to General Manufacturing. This is where the proposed water treatment facility will be located. The area affected includes the area immediately west of Patton Park.  Brown-Edwards was concerned about the effect the treatment plant would have on residential growth. John Bannon, Community Development Coordinator, confirmed that the area would notice a loss in growth for that area but would not prohibit additional growth for mobile homes in other areas of Macomb.

The bid for Test Well Drilling to Peerless Well & Pump for $849,070 was discussed briefly.  The Committee was given the power to act at the last city council meeting. Alice Ohrtmann, Public Works Director,  mentioned that although there was only one bid, the cost had been reduced by $60,000. She asked for approval of the bid for Peerless Well & Pump and after only a few moments was voted unanimously in favor.

They also mentioned the renewal of the Macomb township lease. Lisa Scalf, City Attorney recommended waiving second reading and putting the renewal to a vote next Monday. The Committee then retired to executive session ending the meeting.

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