Women’s rugby returns to WIU

By BEN EFNOR, NEWS3 Reporter

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) – Western Illinois University’s Women’s Rugby Football Club has returned to campus this semester.  

After two years away from Vince Grady Field, the women’s rugby team is playing there again.  The team had to take a break during the pandemic and is losing many members who are graduating, but players are very excited to be back. 

“It was kind of difficult trying to get used to it again and spreading the word that Western does have a women’s rugby team,” club president, Darby Dempsey said. “But we have gotten enough girls to come out and play and actually want to do it, so we’re going to have to continue trying to make it an official sport here at Western.”

The team is playing 10-player games because it fits their team size better.

“We are playing tens currently because of the amount of players we have,” team captain Tiana Campos said. “We have more subs and everything. Fifteens is a little too much right now, but they play pretty good with tens and the other teams we play.  It’s going to be pretty fun for us.” 

The team is currently 6-3 on the season and is looking to win more matches.

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