‘He was meant to be ours,’ WIU professor shares motivational story for National Month of Hope


MACOMB, Illinois – A few years ago, it seemed like WIU Communications Professor Sarah Hill’s dream of becoming a mother would never become a reality when she was prepared to bring home a daughter. 

“Our bags were packed, we were ready to go. The nursery was ready and she kind of cut us off at the last minute and stopped communicating with us,” Hill said. “The baby was born. She named the baby and we never heard from them again.”

Although it was heartbreaking, Hill and her husband decided to rely on hope, and six months later the troubles she experienced turned into joy. 

“It’s like I could feel it when we knew that we were having our profile shown to her. It just felt like maybe this was going to finally happen,” Hill said.“We met her about a month before the baby was born and she told us, a few days later, that she was going to pick us. He was born a month later and here we are.” 

Hill hopes that her story can motivate others to have hope when they are going through difficult times. 

“As hard as that failed adoption was, once we had Cooper to think about, we wouldn’t have had him if that first time worked out and so there was a plan,” Hill said. “He was meant to be ours.”  

April is the National Month of Hope and during the month.

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