WIU students reflect on Women’s History Month


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — As Women’s History Month comes to an end, some Western Illinois University students reflect on what the month that celebrates women across the nation means to them. 

Empowerment, recognition, and support were words they used to describe the historic Month. 

“Men are above and I think every woman should know that they can do anything a man can do,” WIU sophomore Savannah Tunk said. 

“Things happen daily that women do not get recognized for, so it gives us a chance to have a particular month when I believe we should have every day to recognize everything that women have done all over,” WIU freshman Ariel Myrick said. 

One WIU student believes that Women’s History Month allows her to reflect on and appreciate her grandmother’s legacy. 

“My grandmother was the first black woman to be a police officer and that takes a lot of balls,” WIU senior Madison Boykin said. “I often put myself in situations that make me uncomfortable so I can grow from it and be able to have the same balls that she has.”

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