Students concerned about campus parking surfaces


If you are a student, faculty member or even a visitor to the Western Illinois University campus in Macomb, you have encountered a pothole or two. 

Students and even some faculty members are looking for answers to this problem.

In order to park on campus, WIU students and faculty members are required to have a parking pass. For students living on campus, the parking passes are $60. Commuter students prices can range from $80 to $100. Faculty and staff parking passes are $124. 

Mariah, a senior at WIU, said, “I feel like it is a little bit ridiculous. We pay $60 for parking passes just for the potholes to almost tear up my tires.”

According to WIU’s parking services website, “WIU assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents on WIU property.” 

Students are concerned that the university should be liable for damages caused to cars by unmaintained roads and parking lots around campus. 

Several students in the Corbin Hall and Olson Hall have expressed concern about parking in the Corbin Hall lot. The main concern is the shifting rocks and gravel and the unmarked parking spaces. Director of Public Safety, Chief Derek Watts, said he is confident that starting next semester some of the major potholes and unmaintained parking lots should be fixed, but the weather will still pose a problem.

Some drivers are still concerned because of the hard-to-see parking spaces on campus. A few residents parking on campus received tickets for improper parking. This violation is $5. Some drivers may find it unfair that they are still giving out tickets for this violation when they believe it is not their fault.

Chief Watts said, “As long as they are [WIU drivers] not parked sideways and are square with the parking block, you should be good in that situation.”

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