‘Long mile journey of college basketball’ comes to an end for grad student


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) – Starter Will Carius is finishing up his last season with the WIU Men’s Basketball team after transferring from Monmouth college. After six years of collegiate play, with two at WIU, Carius is closing the door on a major part of his life 

“I really have played it forever,” Carius said. “Honestly, my dad was a basketball player so I kinda really haven’t had a choice early on but I really grew to love it for myself so I really play it forever.”

With Carius’ help, WIU Team passed the .500 percent mark in wins for the first time since the 2012-2013 season.

“It shows how much we grow as a team. I mean obviously, we added a few new pieces, new players over the summer,” Carius said. “But it’s cool to see how rebuilding kinda has started from a new group of players and coaches and just continues to get better as time goes on.”

As for personal records, Carius during a recent game hit 2,000 thousand career points.

“I honestly didn’t know I hit it till after the game until some people told me, which was kinda fun but it just shows that it has been a long mile journey of college basketball,” Will Carius said. “It’s cool to have some things to show for it.”

Up next, the Leathernecks will take on Oral Robert’s on March 6 at the Summit League Championship. Carius is feeling good about the matchup.

“Coming in with confidence knowing that anything can happen obviously a lot of good teams in our conference and a lot of tough teams that we played but I am excited for the opportunity to go to the tournament one more time and see what we can make happen,” Carius said.

Throughout his journey, Carius has had a memorable career with three college teams, but he appreciates his friendships and his relationships with his coaches the most.

“I don’t think I can put a single favorite moment, but one of the things I will take away the most is probably to get to play with my teammates,” Carius said. “I think we have a great team and a lot of fun guys to hang out with so that is probably my favorite part about it.”

To watch the Men’s Basketball team, go to the Summit League’s Men’s Basketball Championship Central webpage.


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