Local Go West only ‘free’ bus system in Illinois

By JOE MUSIC & D’TAIJA BUTLER, The Proxy Report Guest Reporters

MACOMB, Illinois – Western Illinois University students and Macomb residents rely on the Go West bus system to get around town. This is the only “free” bus system in Illinois, provided through the McDonough County Public Transportation.

Go West is funded through the federal government and tuition fees. The lack of bus drivers contribute to delays and route changes, as well as poor weather conditions for Go West, the public bus system in Macomb. 

Go West runs on a 17-route system with more than hundred bus stops in McDonough County. There are routes for when class is in-session versus when class is not-in-session, referring to WIU students being in the area as well as local residents.

“We are in contact with our public works department to see where they’re at when it comes to plowing the streets, making sure our drivers are safe and our passengers are safe,” Miranda Lambert, director of McDonough County Public Transportation (MCPT), said.

Bad weather may cause delays and route changes.

Go West is currently in search of part-time bus drivers, qualifications include three years of experience and a safe driving record. To apply, call (309) 575-3333, or for more information go to www.facebook.com/gowesttransit.

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