Illinois named top Midwest startup state, Macomb also sees business surge


Macomb, Illinois (NEWS3) – Illinois has emerged as a regional leader in business startup creation in 2021. 

The state experienced a growth of nearly 200,000 new businesses. That’s an increase from 170,000 new businesses in 2020, and up 69 percent since 2019.

Macomb has also seen their share of business growth over the past year. The city has seen almost 10 new businesses emerge since the start of last year. 

Most recently, Phoenix Food Shack cut the ribbon and became a part of the business surge. Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Lauren Merritt, said she isn’t surprised by the business surge. According to Merritt, Macomb’s strong community ties make the city as good of a place as any to become an entrepreneur.

“We have our small shops, our small restaurants and people flock to those places rather than going out of town to eat at other places,” Merritt said.

Macomb is also set to open El Helado Loco, a new Mexican ice-cream shop, in the near future. 

New Macomb businesses since 2021:


  • Sutton Law & Mediation
  • Wild Daisies Boutique
  • MLFisher Online Boutique
  • Springdale Farmhouse
  • Good Food Collaborative
  • Little Caesars
  • Windy City Cannabis
  • Phoenix Food Shack

Ohio is the state that trails Illinois in 2021 startups, having opened 44,000 less businesses. Illinois ranks sixth nationally. 

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