Macomb animal shelter says adopt, not shop, for your next pet

By LYNDSAY MACH & BILLIE CHADDERDON, NEWS3 Reporter and Guest Reporter

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) – November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. Many people shy away from adopting older pets, but they can make just as good companions.

The McDonough County Animal Shelter works to give some of the older pets a chance. 

“They are the sweetest of the animals that we have out here at the shelter,” said Assistant Animal Control Officer Joe Rossmiller. “They’ve been around people. They like attention.”

Some of the animals at the shelter are sponsored to help get the animals that have been around longer adopted. This means that someone has already paid the adoption fee for the pet, so that they are free to a good home. Arnold Brothers Heating and Cooling in town sponsors a dog every month to help out. The cats currently sponsored are Alex, Aries, and Mr. Mia.

“I think it’s really important to adopt rather than shop because you are giving that life back to that cat. Every cat that we’ve adopted from the shelter or our friends have adopted from the shelter have been absolute sweethearts,” said Macomb resident Gretta Nolan. 

The McDonough County Animal Shelter is on Tower Road, off Highway 67 North. They have a full cat room and dogs available. The animals can be viewed online or in person at the shelter. 

For more information on the shelter and the animals they have available, go online to

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