Trouble adjusting to Daylight Savings Time?


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — We all loathe the time of the year when the clocks have to change. Thankfully, this time, we fall back and gain an hour of sleep. 

These changes still affect a great amount of people. So how can those people adjust to the ending of Daylight Savings Time? 

In a short article in the Chicago Tribune, writer Steph Coelho gives some short tips on how to adjust. 

Don’t stay up later than usual. 

Just because you’re gaining an hour of sleep does not mean it’s an excuse to stay up late. Set an alarm like you usually do.

Have Snacks at work.

Outside of your lunch break, your stomach is not used to eating an hour later. Bring some snacks that keep you full, like nuts and dried berries. 

Boost your Mood 

Even though the mornings are brighter, the evenings are dark as midnight and many miss the evening sunshine. Boost your mood with self-care routines, leisure activities and hanging out with friends or family. 

Skip Caffeine

As the week goes on and you get tired early, resist the urge to drink caffeinated drinks after lunch, let slumber kick in naturally. 

All of these are just recommendations for people who struggle with adapting with the time change. 

All people are different and Steph adds more to the list in the link below: 


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