Jazz can be good for your health

By NATE GRAHAM, The Proxy Report Staff

MACOMB, Illinois – A lot of people know that jazz is good music, but do they know it’s healthy, too? 

An article from the website ‘Top Masters in Health Care’ found that the “innovative riffs, cool tones and complex rhythms can bring natural relief for mind and body.”

The article lists several ways on how it is healthy. The first way is that jazz actually has an effect on the brain waves that you produce, which is relaxing and stimulating. A song like “Cavatina” by Eric Alexander, at 114 beats per minute (BPM), can help you focus and raise your heart rate. A song such as “Blue Train” by John Coltrane at 75 BPM can help reduce stress, almost as much as a massage. Just 45 minutes of soft jazz before bedtime results in better sleep. Faster songs raise heart rates and lead blood vessels to expand to 30 percent, which leads to lower blood pressure. 

There are many places to listen to live jazz in Macomb. The Western Illinois University music website lists jazz performances on campus, and the city of Macomb holds jazz performances on Macomb Square.

For more information, go online to the ‘Top Masters in Health Care’ web page.

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