MACOMB, Illinois – Western Illinois University has provided guidance for people to stay safe from COVID-19 while traveling off campus.

WIU recommends following the guidelines of any transportation service you may use and any location you will be at. Personal vehicular transportation is recommended when possible, but if not, there are other suggestions to follow.

If you will be traveling with others, whether by vehicle, train, bus or plane, WIU recommends wearing a mask and maintaining social distance when possible. The university also recommends everyone monitor for COVID-19 symptoms upon return to campus.

If traveling by plane or from an international destination, unvaccinated individuals must quarantine for 10 days upon return, or 7 with a negative COVID-19 test result, taken 3-5 days upon return. Fully vaccinated individuals should monitor for symptoms and consider taking a COVID-19 test. WIU also encourages travelers to reference the Centers for Disease Control website for their location for further guidance.

If you will be in groups of 50 or more people, or your destination is experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases, WIU recommends planning your trip carefully and considering quarantining upon return.

For more information, visit WIU’s webpage for COVID-19 travel guidance.

Travel guidance link:


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