WIU focuses on mental health awareness 


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — September is Suicide Prevention Month, and WIU is making consistent efforts to bring awareness to mental health issues on campus. 

Throughout the month, WIU has hosted events such as “Kinder Mondays” and “Fresh Check Week” that promote positivity and self-awareness. “Kinder Mondays” is dedicated to making everyone’s Monday brighter with free gifts and positive messages. This event is held every Monday.

Marsha J. Dace, a counselor at the university’s counseling center, encourages everyone to come out to the mental health awareness events. 

“We’re super excited, we can’t wait for that to happen, so please come out,” Dace said. 

The university’s efforts to bring awareness to mental health issues has created a domino effect on the students. Many students are now spreading awareness to mental health issues. Also, student-run organizations are planning more events around the topic of mental health and suicide prevention.  

If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health issues or would like to take advantage of WIU’s mental health resources, contact the university’s counseling center at 309- 298-2453. 

Information about the next “Kinder Monday” can be found on Facebook at “WIU Kinder Mondays. https://www.facebook.com/WIUKinderMondays/.


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