Tractor Town Macomb unveiled, local farmer honored


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — A new work of art in Macomb has been unveiled to raise awareness for roadside farmers’ safety.

Dozens gathered on Saturday, Sept. 11 to honor Tim Sullivan, a Macomb-area farmer who died in 2019, after he was struck on U.S. Route 67 while driving a tractor. Artist Kelley Quinn said she wanted to help raise awareness by creating a unique project. 

“Nobody had mosaiced a tractor before,” Quinn said. “ I felt like this would really be a fitting thing for the uniqueness of Macomb, and the real need for our community to have something to memorialize one of our community members.” 

The new art piece, called “Tractor Town,” is a vintage tractor covered in mosaic glass tiles and depicts scenes of farm life. Work on the tractor was completed at the Western Illinois University Facilities Management building.   

Quinn and the many volunteers who worked on the tractor experienced a near five-month pause before being able to return to the tractor. Originally, the tractor was set for an unveiling in May. Fundraising for fencing , lighting and installation pushed back the unveiling date. 

Despite the delays, Tractor Town Macomb now sits in the Mummert Pocket Park, next to Forgottonia Brewing and the Bold Brew House in Macomb. Tractor Town overlooks the heart of Macomb, right across from the train station and Chandler Park. It stands as a reminder for drivers to watch for farm vehicles on the road.


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