WIU agriculture school helps students pursue studies in veterinary medicine


MACOMB, Illinois – The Western Illinois University School of Agriculture has a pre-professional program that meets the requirements to gain admission into a veterinary medicine school after graduation.

Through this program, WIU had been able to see many of their former students further their education and go into veterinary school. This program offered has many alumni currently enrolled in a veterinary school.

The program teaches students the foundation studies necessary through its science courses: biological sciences, chemistry, and biochemistry.

Aside from taking science courses, students are also encouraged to take courses in livestock production and animal ethology if students pursue veterinary related to agriculture. Students interested in just veterinary medicine are encouraged to take nutrition, livestock management and economics of production.

For more information about the Agriculture and Pre-Veterinary program, visit wiu.edu/cbt/agriculture/minors_professional.php.

Students who wish to pursue studies in pre-veterinary medicine can contact Ember Keithley, the academic advisor for the WIU School of Agriculture, at EL-Keithley@wiu.edu.

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