University Union food court to see changes at WIU


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) – In 2018, Western Illinois University students took a survey to share their opinion on their food preferences and food restaurants. The results of the survey were as follows:

  • Top Three Food Platforms: Mexican, Chicken, Italian
  • Top Three Restaurants: Chick-fil-a, Chipotle, Subway

From these results, WIU considers Qdoba and Fire House Subs to meet the student’s desires. Qdoba is a Mexican-style cuisine and Fire House Subs is a place where they carry a variety of subs. 

“I think the union is going to be lit,” WIU student Kachaya Key said. “I like the new restaurant ideas.”

“Anything new I believe is good,” WIU student Rufus Porter said. 

Having to choose what will replace the vacant space that used to be Burger King is going to be determined by the student’s popular vote. 

There are the Qdoba fanatics: “I personally think we should get Qdoba because we can get subs anywhere else,” WIU student Greg Shaw said. “We always wanted a Chipotle here in Macomb and Qdoba is the closest thing.” 

Students are looking for a healthy option when determining their decision.

“I think it definitely should be Qdoba just for healthier options,” Key said. 

“I would prefer to have Qdoba over Fire House Subs personally,” WIU student Israel Alberto said. “I think that it would just be a healthier choice in my opinion.”

When it comes to Mexican-style food, WIU student Maurice Cowan likes that idea over subs. “I would prefer Qdoba just because the fact that I really love Mexican food,” Cowan said. “I feel like a lot of people on campus enjoy Mexican food too.”

Then there are the sub lovers who prefer Fire House Subs.

“I would say Fire House Subs just cause subs are more yummy,” WIU student Karla Lozano said. 

Priscila Chavez prefers Fire House Subs just because she heard Qdoba is basically like a chipotle. She doesn’t like chipotle. She will give her vote to Fire House Subs.

Even though Cowan is graduating this spring and won’t be enjoying the new union, he believes these changes will have a positive impact on the campus. “I feel like these developments would be good for the people coming in,” Cowan said. “And definitely going to generate a lot of revenue for the campus too.”

Israel Alberto is glad Burger King isn’t an option anymore and that it’s going to be replaced. “Every time I had Burger King, I just feel sluggish instantly after my meal,” Alberto said. “It wasn’t something that would give me energy. As a student you know sometimes, I’m running low on sleep and I feel like I need something that’s going to boost on my energy throughout the day.”

WIU isn’t only bringing a new food restaurant, but it is replacing Einsteins Bro’s bagel with a We Proudly Serve Starbucks platform. 

Students have mixed feelings about this decision WIU made.

“I’m going to miss Einsteins,” Key said. “I feel like there’s enough Starbucks in Macomb like why would create a third one.”

Karla Lozano agrees with Key, Macomb is going to have too many Starbucks. “I like Starbucks, but we already have two Starbucks in Macomb,” Lozano said. “The coffee at Einstein’s is not bad and we have more variety of food for breakfast.”

When it comes to coffee lovers Starbucks being in the union is a good idea. “I love Starbucks,” Porter said. “I love coffee so that would be great.”

“I think it’s a good idea just because I’m a fan of Starbucks,” Chavez said. “I don’t have a car it just be a closer option to me.”

Cowan sees the positive in WIU adding a Starbucks on campus and says the student body will adapt and probably love it too. 

Alberto is disappointed that his favorite food at the union will no longer be there. “I’m not happy about that one,” said Alberto. “ I really like Einsteins! Like I go to Einsteins every day. It’s a lot of bread, but at the same time, me personally I think it’s pretty cheap compared to Chick-Fil-A. They have a fair price. Starbucks is mainly drinks and stuff like that. I know they got their own food and dishes but it’s not like Einsteins.”

Students can visit this website to learn more about the changes and cast their vote. 

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