Macomb approves phase 2 for downtown project


MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) — Macomb is set to move forward with its upgrades to downtown. 

The Macomb City Council approved phase two of the downtown revitalization project on Monday, March 15.

In a 5-1 vote, aldermen agreed to a third bid at roughly $2 million. 

During a meeting early last year to discuss phase two, officials said this phase of redevelopment will include new sidewalks will be installed in order to make ADA-compliant. All of the current lighting downtown will be replaced with new light fixtures, along with refurbishing the light poles. The light fixtures will be similar to the alley lights around the square.

More landscaping is expected to be added where there is currently a lot of white striping. Removing all of the trees in the downtown area and planting new trees will also be part of the project. Bike racks and benches are also expected during the phase two work.

Officials said the project will not include any underground work or water main replacements. However, leaders said the construction period is a good time for business and property owners to reach out to the city if they would like to make changes to their water service connected to their water main and building.

No parking spaces will be lost from the improvements, according to officials. The driving lanes will remain open during construction. Officials said property owners will be provided with a construction guide.

Officials hope to get the project started by the middle of May and complete by the end of the year. City leaders estimate that $440,000 will still need to be funded for the project.

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