NAACP hosted a giveaway to help students during COVID


MACOMB, Ill. (NEWS3) — On Thursday Sept. 29th the WIU NAACP chapter hosted a free school
supplies event in order to help students out during COVID.

“ This is our first event like this of the semester,” Vice President Antonio Carter said, “It was
pretty much a give away I wanted to do for our campus.”

Supplies such as paper and pens were distributed to students. The NAACP wants to bring
attention to the difficult times students are in right now because of the Pandemic and having to
adapt to a new type of learning.

“It’s kind of a weird learning environment for everybody to adjust to either a hybrid system or if
you’re just strictly online,” Carter said, “Most people are used to traditional classes and being
inside the classroom.”

The NAACP’s main goal was to show students that they are here to support them through this
trying time.

“It’s just a reminder to let people know that we are still in class,” Carter said, “You still have
support for those classes.”

You can stay updated with the NAACP by following them on social media at @WIU_NAACP

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