CDC reverses COVID-19 airborne transmission update


(CNN) — Can coronavirus spread by breathing in particles in the air?

Friday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said yes, but then abruptly reversed that
new guidance.

Monday, Sept. 21, the CDC removed language about airborne transmission from its website.

A spokesman says what was posted was just “a draft version of proposed changes” and
shouldn’t have been made public.

Several studies have shown coronavirus can spread through small particles in the air, so that
new guidance would have been in line with that.

But now, since the change, the CDC page says it’s thought to spready mainly between people
in close contact, about six feet, and “through respiratory droplets produced when an infected
person coughs, sneezes or talks.”

The CDC says it will re-post the updated guidance once the review process is completed.

CNN reported last week that US Health and Human Services communications officials pushed
to change the language of weekly science reports released by the CDC so they wouldn’t
undermine President Trump’s political message.

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