WIU offers help for students after nearby college closes

MACOMB, Ill. (NEWS3) — Western Illinois University is offering an opportunity for students from a nearby college which recently announced it will permanently close next month.

WIU launched an effort to gain students from MacMurray College following an announcement the college will shut down in May.

WIU is partnering with MacMurray College for a new transfer option for students at the Jacksonville, Ill. school. Western is adjusting certain enrollment requirements to fit the needs of the displaced students. MacMurray transfers will not be required to pay an application fee. WIU will provide unofficial transfer credit evaluations and students will be eligible for the university’s $2,500 transfer commitment scholarship.

Officials said the university is also waiving its residence requirements, that students must earn a certain number of credits while attending WIU to graduate from the university.

MacMurray students will be able to meet with a WIU academic advisor on the Quad Cities or Macomb campus. WIU Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Douglas Freed, said it’s important for the university to help students during this time.

“It’s always a blow to the educational community when one of our peer institutions must make a decision like this, and we know that students are facing challenges as their academic future has changed course,” Freed said. “Western is here to support MacMurray students, and we will ensure a seamless transfer.”

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