Macomb Police warn businesses of counterfeit bills

MACOMB, Ill. (NEWS3) — The Macomb Police Department is warning businesses around Macomb to be on the lookout for counterfeit bills.

The police department posted an alert on Facebook to bring awareness to the issue at hand.

“Macomb has been experiencing a rash of counterfeit bills being taken by area businesses,” the post read. “Please have your employees take extra care in looking at $20 and $50 bills. Should you have a question please contact the police department. Some of these bills have ‘Motion Picture Money’ written on them.”

Courtesy: Macomb Police Department

The Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce posted on their Facebook page Tuesday about fake $100 bills that were found blowing around the street on the 200 block of West Jackson St.

The post said, “The currency is bluish in color, smaller than a real bill and is presumed to have Chinese characters printed on them.”

The Macomb Police Department is urging all local businesses to be aware and inspect all incoming currency closely.

If you see one of these bills being used at any businesses around town, contact the Macomb Police Department at 309-833-4505.


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