WIU hosts New Hampshire primary watch party

MACOMB, Ill. (NEWS3) – New Hampshire kicked off the primary election Tuesday night, and students and faculty at WIU watched the results roll in at a watch party.

Keith Boeckelman, WIU Political Science Chair and History Interim Chair, said the party was a good opportunity for students to get engaged in the early election process, which is important to follow closely.

“These early contests really signal the people which candidate is fairly viable and which may end up dropping out,” Boeckelman said.

The political science and history departments had tables set up during the party to explain the election process and the history of the New Hampshire primary. Illinois’s primary is coming up on March 17.

“We want to encourage people to register to vote and vote in the Illinois primary,” Boeckelman said.

Students also participated in a mock election, in which they voted Senators Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar as their top presidential choices. Boeceklman said the primaries are when voters have a better chance of seeing their favorites make it to the general election.

“Here’s your chance to get better candidates in the process by getting involved in the nomination stage,” Boeckelman said.

The watch party was held in the WIU Multicultural Center.

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