Second phase of downtown Macomb projects announced

MACOMB, Ill. (NEWS3) — City leaders released new plans to continue efforts in the revitalization of downtown Macomb.

Officials met with stakeholders for the downtown area Tuesday to explain the second phase of work that will start later this year. Macomb Mayor Mike Inman, City Administrator Scott Coker and Downtown Development Director Kristin Terry explained the details of the project.

New sidewalks will be installed in order to make ADA-compliant. All of the current lighting downtown will be replaced with new light fixtures, along with refurbishing the light poles. Terry said the light fixtures will be similar to the alley lights around the square.

More landscaping will be added to the bump-outs where there is currently a lot of white striping. Removing all of the trees in the downtown area and planting new trees will also be part of the project. Terry said the trees and landscaping may have to wait until the spring of 2021 depending on the weather.  Bike racks and benches are also expected during the phase two work.

Officials said the project will not include any underground work or water main replacements. However, Terry said the construction period is a good time for business and property owners to reach out to the city if they would like to make changes to their water service connected to their water main and building.

Officials said no parking spaces will be lost from the improvements. The driving lanes will remain open during construction. Terry said property owners will be provided with a construction guide.

City leaders expect to begin construction in June after bids go out in April. They hope to have the project complete in the fall. The cost of the project is $2 million that will be paid using the local infrastructure sales tax and a $1.2 million grant from the state.

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