Macomb Police investigating weekend “brawl” on West Adams Street

MACOMB, Ill. (NEWS3) — Macomb Police are investigating what appears to be a brawl leading to nearly a crowd of people getting run over by a driver early Sunday morning.

Shortly after the incident, a video was posted to social media showing the events that occurred.

NEWS3 was sent the video Sunday afternoon by viewer Derek MccLeary who captured the incident overnight. He was working in the area during the time of the incident. MccLeary posted the video on his YouTube page, which has been viewed more than 31,000 times.

MccLeary told NEWS3, it happened on West Adams Street just after 4 a.m. Sunday. He said he first noticed a fight breaking out in the middle of the street. MccLeary said one person got hit twice and dropped all of the items he was holding in the street. He said shortly after, a black car started to back out of a driveway almost running people over. He watched people start to punch the doors while the car backed into the the middle of the street. Then someone jumped on the hood of the car and the driver took off. He heard the person on top of the car screaming “I’ll kill all of y’all.” MccLeary said not long after, the car turned around and headed back full speed towards the crowd of people trying to run them over. He said the driver did hit the breaks at some point because of other vehicles parked on the street. He said the driver then turned around again for a third time and sped down the street toward the crowd. He said people began picking up stuff off the ground to throw at the car. MccLeary said he ended his video at this point to move to safety.

MccLeary said an officer arrived on scene and more fights broke out. He said a few minutes after, more officers showed up and all of the people were told to leave the area and go home.

MccLeary said he asked one of the officers if they wanted to see his video he captured to help with finding the vehicle involved in nearly running people over. MccLeary said the officer responded that they were not worried about it because they sent everyone home.

Macomb Police Deputy Chief Dave Burnham told NEWS3 Monday morning, the incident is under investigation, but they have very little information. Burnham said officers received a call for shots fired on that morning and they responded to break up a party at that address. He said no one has come forward to report being hit or hurt during the incident. He said the department has only seen the video and spoken to MccLeary.

“It looks bad,” Burnham said. “It looks like a large fight, and large fights tend to get out of hand.”

Police said they are searching for the vehicle in the video. Burnham said a lot of information cannot be released right now while the investigation is ongoing.

Police said around 200 people were at the Sunday morning incident. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Macomb Police at 309-833-4505.

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