Cities in McDonough Co. receive grants for housing and infrastructure upgrades

MCDONOUGH COUNTY, Ill. (NEWS3) — The Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity announced Tuesday, select cities in McDonough County will receive a Community Development Block Grant to help with public infrastructure and housing improvements.

State officials said the City of Macomb will be awarded a $500,000 grant for water distribution system improvements. The City of Bushnell will also be awarded a $500,000 grant for the construction of a new well.

The grants are awarded to Illinois’ low-income communities to help with water plant improvements, water main extensions and replacements, sewer plant and lift station upgrades, separation of storm and sanitary sewers, and construction of a new water tower, according to officials.

The Illinois Department of Commerce said 24 other communities throughout the state will receive grants for public infrastructure.

Illinois Commerce officials also announced a $500,000 housing rehabilitation grant for the City of Colchester. This grant is designed to assist low-to-moderate income homeowners needing safe and sanitary living conditions, according to a press release. Officials said eleven other communities will receive this grant.

Funds for the improvement grants are provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and are awarded to communities who do not receive their own block grants from the federal government.




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