Avon woman charged with stealing two vehicles

AVON, Ill. (NEWS3) — An Avon, Ill. woman was arrested after two vehicles in the area were reported missing.

The McDonough County Sheriff’s deputies were called to private property on the evening of Sept. 7 in rural Walnut Grove Township for a suspicious vehicle complaint. A maroon Chevy truck driven by a female described to be under the influence of an unknown substance was on the property, but left once confronted by the caller.

A few hours later, deputies received a stolen vehicle complaint. The complainants reported a 2003 Dodge pickup stolen and replaced with a maroon Chevy truck. After determining the truck was stolen from Avon, IL, deputies located the stolen 2003 Dodge pickup at 397 McGrew Drive in Avon.

Kimberly S Myers, 34, was taken into custody at midnight on Sept. 9 after admitting to stealing both vehicles. She was charged with Burglary, Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Theft over $500.00 and Criminal Trespass to Property.

Myers was suspected to be under the influence of Methamphetamine during her arrest.

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