All-time record crest expected Thursday in Quad Cities

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois (NEWS3) – The Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 15 (Rock Island) is expected to crest at all-time record high on Thursday.

As of 8:47 a.m., the river was expected to crest at 22.7 feet, one-tenth of a foot (1.2 inches) higher than the record crest set in 1993.

At 12:20 p.m., river levels at the Rock Island Arsenal recorded the river at 22.64 feet, setting a new all-time record in the Quad Cities.

Until this is National Weather Service certified, these numbers are considered preliminary.

Levees, dikes, and berms will be at maximum stress and current river levels compete with the historic flooding of 1993.

At Davenport’s historic Union Station, protected by barriers, the  ground is so saturated that water was witnessed coming up through the concrete, according to Davenport Public Works.

The city’s Garden Addition on the west side is under a heightened alert for river and creek levels as city workers monitor the dike protecting the neighborhood.

Traffic on the Centennial Bridge may also be impacted as water begins to pool at the foot of the bridge on the Davenport side.

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