Gas station armed robbery in Florida foiled by spring breakers

ORLAND PARK, Florida (WPLG) – A group of cousins on spring break in Florida turned the tables on a masked man who tried to rob them at gunpoint.

It started as a night of fun on South Beach. Alex Wisbey said he was the designated driver to get the group back to Broward when he stopped at a Mobil gas station on Oakland Park Boulevard and Powerline Road.

“I tried to find a gas station that was closest because we were running low on gas,” Alex Wisbey said.

That’s when a masked robber stormed at them demanding money.

“My cousin Jacob gets on top of him – and I’m in there, trying to wrestle around for the gun,” cousin Aric Wisbey said.

Detectives said an accomplice then runs over to the commotion.

Aric Wisbey said is  instincts kicked in. He grabs the gun and points it at both men, who get back in their car and drive away.

The alleged accomplice, 33-year-old Kevin Campbell, did not get very far and was arrested.

Deputies who recovered the gun they say it was fully loaded.

The gunman is still on the loose according to police.

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