Teen with broom rescues young children after dog attack in Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) – A group of children narrowly escaped being attacked by a dog while getting ready for school in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood Monday.

The terrifying encounter with an angry canine on the family’s front steps seemed never-ending.

Karl Kelly, 7, and his 13-year-old cousin Jamal Anderson said it happened as Kelly and his relatives were about to leave for school.

“I just kept hearing the three kids yelling. They’re all just yelling, screaming, crying and… but they didn’t know what to do because they’re still young,” Anderson said.

The dog, which may have been a pitbull, latched onto Kelly’s backpack.

“The dog tried to bite me,” Kelly said.

The dog had Kelly cornered, but that’s when Anderson came to his cousin’s aid with a broom, swinging at the animal.

“I just seen the broom and grabbed it, grabbed it, and just jumped down the stairs. And I hit it real hard,” Anderson said.

It took one swing for the dog to run away while the two escaped into the house.

As for the dog, no one knows if it has an owner or where it came from, but the children say it was the first time they had seen it.

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