Macomb Police Department checks on students waiting at bus stops

MACOMB, Illinois (NEWS3) – Officers with the Macomb Police Department checked on students Thursday morning as they waited for the bus in dangerous temperatures.

The department said that most students were waiting inside their homes or in vehicles until the bus arrived. Students that were waiting outside were able to sit inside a squad car until it the bus arrived.

The Macomb Police Department shared the following message from an eyewitness:

“I just watched a Macomb Police Department officer stop in front of my house and help some kids into his squad car. Curious, I kept watching. After a few minutes, I saw a school bus pull up and the kids hop out. This officer stopped his day to pull over and provide the young students a warm place to wait while they got picked up for school. I’m not sure who this officer is, but he deserves to be recognized for his caring nature. This occurred just a few minutes ago, probably 9:15 am at the intersection of Johnson and Adams. Hats off to your officer for being so considerate.”

The department identified Officers JP McLaughlin and Denise Cremer as the officers who checked the bus stops.

Although the department was unable to reach all the bus stops, they say they tried!

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