Preparing your home for life-threatening temperatures

WESTERN ILLINOIS (NEWS3) – Life-threatening temperatures will settle on much of the Midwest Tuesday night through Thursday and there are several important tasks to complete to prepare your home for the dangerous cold.

    • Programmable thermostats need to be taken off of setback mode and set on permanent hold
    • Replace furnace filters
    • Keep garage doors closed
    • Limit amount of time exterior doors are kept open
    • Make sure vents and radiators are not blocked
    • 90%+ furnace and boilers have two white PVC pipes generally on side or back of homes. MAKE SURE they are clear of snow and ice. In some instances they are on the roof; however, do not attempt to clear them off if they are located on the roof
    • If temperatures inside your home is dropping, but radiators are hot or hot air is coming from vents, make sure that system continues to operate
    • To minimize temperature loss boil water or make soup to keep humidity in the home
    • DO NOT use an oven or grill to heat your home
    • Continuosly check on neighbors, especially those who are elderly
    • Clear area around meter with hands or broom
    • Keep shovels and snow blower away from meter
    • If covered in ice, do not hit meter, call gas company
    • Keep cabinet under sinks open so that warm air prevent freezing pipes
    • If no water is coming from faucet, check water meter. If meter is leaking or spraying water, pipes are frozen. To thaw, use hot towels or call licensed plumber. DO NOT use open flame.
    • Always bring animals inside
    • Do not let animals lie directly on floor, lay blanket or towel underneath
    • Make sure animals are well fed
    • Only let outside if necessary, for instance, to use restroom
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