Western Illinois University students stranded across state due to blizzard [UPDATED]

Updated Monday, Nov. 26, 2018 at 3:34 p.m.

WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, Macomb (NEWS3) — Multiple Western Illinois University students were stranded across the state as a massive blizzard moved through the area.

NEWS3’s La’India Cooper said that she was stranded at a Casey’s General Store in Galva, Illinois.

Cooper stayed in a hotel Sunday and left Monday morning.

“The roads are extremely slippery and I have counted 103 cars stuck in ditches,” Cooper said. She said she saw two snow plows stuck in ditches, as well.

Cooper made it safely back to Macomb; however, she said she was praying during the trip as she was very scared driving.

Another student, Tiffany, said she pulled over near Peru-Lasalle and stayed at a hotel.

“It was foggy and raining, that turned into sleet, and the roads were too icy,” Tiffany said. They made it back to Macomb on Monday.

Emma Hoary, another member of NEWS3, said she ended up sliding into a ditch in Erie, Illinois, near the Quad Cities. She said a sheriff deputy took her and other passengers to a shelter.

They left early Monday morning. I-74 was still partially covered and was moving at 10-25 m.p.h.

“Getting more towards Galesburg was when there were an abundance of cars and semi-trucks in the ditch,” Hoary said.

DeOnte, another Western Illinois student, told NEWS3 that he was stuck on the side of the road near Cameron, Illinois for nearly an hour.

He said they pulled over due to low visibility. They safely made it back to Macomb on Monday.

Fulton County emergency management told motorists not to drive into McDonough County Sunday night while agencies across the state advised not to travel in the dangerous conditions.

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