Black Student Association Plans Semester-End Celebration

Western Illinois University’s Black Student Association is hosting a barbecue for their annual end of the year kick-off celebration. The event is organized for all WIU organizations to come together one last time before the school year is over.  BSA’s e-board will be able to add this event to the number of events that they planned this year and to also celebrate the newly elected e-board for fall 2018 semester.

Michael Williams experienced his first year at WIU as the Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center director and as the advisor for the Black Student Association. He says “For this being my first year at Western, I think that the events were highly successful.”

Michael has become active with BSA’s members and e-board to help solidify events that will be beneficial to the community.

“Mommies and Martinis” became a popular event that he helped BSA organize for mother’s to spend time with their daughters while painting and participating in games to win prizes. At the end of “Mommies and Martinis” each mother was able to present their art work to the public and the mother who had the best painting would receive a gift card.  The new e-board is planning to add something new to this event next semester by creating a specific theme for mothers to think of when they are painting. There will also be a  game added called “Guess This Food” where daughters will blindfold their mothers to taste a food item and guess what it is.

The new e-board for BSA will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the WIU community at the year-end celebration. They will be announcing some of the social and volunteer events that BSA will be participating in including next year’s Stuff The Bus.

Michael’s focus for next semester is to make sure BSA is collaborating with other organizations on campus to extend their support.

BSA volunteers for Stuff the Bus in April 2018.
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